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Prvic Tunnel
Prvic Tunnel
DEPTH: 14 - 20 m
SKILL: Advanced
The tunnel is easy to reach with a boat from Baska at island of Krk. It is located at the northern point of the island of Prvic. There is a rock with the thunnel some 30m away from Prvić island so it’s very easy to find. The tunnel itself is 35 metre long and the deepest point is 20m. Do dive through it is enough to dive 14m deep. Narrowest diameter is around 3 metres, the tunnel is very easy to dive. It is suitable for SCUBA beginners and advanced freedivers.

The tunnel has Y shape and two entrances are shallow at depth of 6-7m, so it’s also suitable for beginner freediving and it gives a diver experience of cave diving.

On each side of a tunnel just some 10m away there are nice deep walls and it is perfect diving spot with lots of fish and sea life because of constant current in channel between island of Krk and Prvic.