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H2O Team Diving Club
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Reviews of H2O Team Diving Club
I work with them for many years and it was allways greatr experinece! I recmand them to everyone.
Petar Dubaić 17. Jul, 2020
Best experience ever!! Looking forward to taking Advanced freediver course.
Andrej Pogačnik 28. Nov, 2019
A few years ago i became interested in spearfishing. I had some self learned experience in freediving, bought some gear and started fishing. Fish are everywhere in the sea you just need to shoot them. Yeaah riiight :) Well turns out it's waaay harder than it looks. So i did some research and took freediving and spearfishing course at this diving club. Since then my freediving as well as spearfishing has greatly improved. Now I actually catch some fish :D During freediving course i realized how dangerous my diving was and by attending spearfishing course i learned proper techniques which greatly reduce learning curve and beginner frustrations. If you dive or spearfish i think attending these courses is a must, at least freediving one ;-) I also started attending regularly pool trainings which helped me improve my apnea and i also made some great friends along the way :) Main instructor Jure Daić is really an expert in his field and provides you with great knowledge how to dive and spearfish successfully and most importantly how to do it safely! I also highly recommend attending pool trainings to improve your apnea and socialize with fellow spearfisherman ;-)
Klemen Kresnik 07. Nov, 2019
a wonderful experience
Robert Grošeta 30. Oct, 2019
Best experience ever.
Leon Antolič 17. Oct, 2019
After Freediving course, this sport is only relaxing and pleasure.
Andrej Korošec 14. Oct, 2019
It is one year from my first, basic freediving course. I am happy and proud to become a member of H2O freediving team. And since then... I became an addict... Freediving came under my skin and into my brains, and I could say, it became my way od Life. So once more, to all instructors, especially to Jure Daić, my great THANK You! And to others...don't think too much, if You like beauty od the underwater world-JOIN US!
Andrej Pečnik 09. Oct, 2019
I have been diving for several years before I have finally decided to take it to a next level. Very satisfied with decision to participate on a free-diving coarse held by H20 team. Anyone who is interested in diving or spearfishing should look no further! H20 is managed by Jure Daic who is also the main instructor. The course was educational, fun but also challenging. Jure helped everyone to push through comfort limit and achieve results one could only dream of before the course. All this in a safe and relaxed environment with the right amount of fun in between! Highly recommend to anyone who expects professional service and experienced instructors who love their work. I have learned more about freediving and spearfishing in few days with Jure than in several years on my own. You will be blown away what you are capable of under Jure's guidance!
Jan Viher 09. Oct, 2019
Very glad to have h2o team in Maribor, Slovenia and very proud to be a long time member. A bunch of all kind of interesting people who are immersed in freediving and all of which are subject to a healthy spirit in a healthy body. All under directions of the responsible captain J. Daić.
Gregor Fevžer 09. Oct, 2019
For a freediving course in the H2O team, I decided for personal security. I've been diving for over 30 years, but I knew very little about the proper diving. A very professional and friendly team taught me safe diving, so I decided on them also for the spearfishing course and I enjoyed it very much. A very experienced instructor Jure Daić and the team have taught me a lot and I am very grateful to them. Tilen Gale
Tilen galeti@siol.net 01. Oct, 2019
Super ekipa kar tako naprej priporočam vsem.
Peter Hribar 30. Sep, 2019
The best experience ever ... thanks to the instructors now I’m more confident under water... they are all super friendly and helpful with tons of information .. 👌👌👌👌👌👌💯💯👏👏
Rene Birsa 16. Sep, 2019
Great guys, great instructors, great diving club 💪💪💪
Gregor Ostojić 01. Aug, 2019
Because of them I started to love the sea, highly recommended!
Tomaž Novak 31. Jul, 2019
Been working with them for the past 8 months, Jure has been a great "teacher"!
Valentina Metež 21. Jul, 2019